lundi 21 décembre 2009


Album electro rock de l'ex Heldon Georges Grunblatt. Pour l'accompagner, les musiciens d'Heldon au complet ainsi que le guitariste de Weirdoje Michel Ettori.

01 -
02 - Vent d'Ether
03 - Wobberlee Walk
04 - Loopie de Loop
05 - Far Out

Lien : Georges Grunblatt - K-Priss (1979)

2 commentaires:

  1. This such an amazing album and like a lot of material on this blog, its unbelievable how little it is known about here in the UK which given the relative distance is almost unreal.
    Heldon, Richard Pinhas and various off-shoots like this album is fast becoming the music I listen to the most (especially once the penny dropped and I realised the connection with Giles Deleuze, that just compounded my Heldon love!).

    Thanks so much for sharing this strange and beautiful music and allowing it to be accessible to non-French speaking persons like myself! You should be awarded a cultural medal for all your hard work!