lundi 17 novembre 2008


Disque d'illustration musicale (électronique) de Bernard Fevre (Black Devil Disco CLub).

01 -
Space Team
02 - N°59018
03 - Central Way
04 - Satellite 33
05 - Ronde Interstellaire
06 - Cimes Eternelles
07 - Le Monde avait 5 ans
08 - Sunshine on March
09 - Stars Away
10 - Earth Message
11 - 2043
12 - Odyssée

Lien : Bernard Fevre - Cosmos 2043 (197?)

7 commentaires:

  1. Whoua !
    Je viens te tomber sur ton blog et je tombe de bonheur !
    Les Martin Circus, Dün, Zoo, Ame Son... et tous ces groupes que je ne connais pas !
    Pourquoi tu ne mets plus a jour ?
    Je vais revenir chercher tous je crois !!
    Un grand merci.
    J'ai pas mal de trucs aussi du genre Jc Pierric ou Jean Claude Pelletier & Son Orchestre et d'autres si ca t'interesses !!
    Merci encore !!!!!


  2. Désolé, je suis actuellement à l'étranger et ma connexion ne me permet pas de mettre de nouveaux albums en ligne.

    Je vais tenter de trouver une solution, j'en ai encore des milliards à poster.

  3. According to Discogs and the interviews I have read with Bernard Fevre, this was released in 1977(a year before his first Black Devil Disco Club debut). I never ever imagined I would hear this record in my lifetime...nine people have it on Discogs and a hundred people want it & no-one is selling (I keep checking!)'s that rare..or as we say here in Olde's "rare as rocking horse shit". Now that I have finally heard it, it all fits into place - everything about this record is perfect: the music, the cover & the title "Cosmos 2043".
    In the battle between the Anglo-American & French versions of seventies sci-fi comsic/kosmische musik, the French win hands down..even the French films of this genre are better..who can name an Anglo-American act who does this kinda thing better than the French..I dare you... ;)

  4. I just had an obvious thought, there must be a good reason why you have put a question mark against the year as I found another interview that mentioned 1978 (like it does in the notes to this release) - It is strange that no-one can agree on a date, its not like the release took place hundreds of years ago after all.
    Having listened to this album constantly in the last 48hrs (even asleep *laughs*) I have to say that it is good in its own way as the Black Devil album (which I guess its not suprising given that they were probably recorded in a similar time frame 77/78). While I could write endless paeons to each individual track, I will focus on two covers. The first, the Elton John "Rocket Man" cover is so beautifully arranged and sung..I take it that its Bernard Fevre on the vocals, though I could be wrong..Anyway, along with Star Trek's William Shatner's live rendition of Rocket Man at the American Sci-Fi Convention (recorded at a similar time in 1978)this is the best version I have heard, well apart from Scott Hardkiss's 1997 remix as well!)

    Anyway, where was I..1977 or 1978 the year of the release..the mystery deepens..

  5. I got so carried away, I forgot to comment on the second track, a cover of the Joe 'Magick' Meek & The Tornado's 'Telstar' classic is wonderful (aside from the dodgy saxophone interlude which a good re-edit would sort, why does the saxophone taint so many good comsic tracks of the seventies?) . I love how BF has interjected the countdown and additional 'space talk' into the track, a stroke of that I am here I may as well mention a final cover; 'Space Oddity' - Bowie would be proud..very faithful to the original but with a slight sense of auditory dislocation and fracture...we like very much.

  6. Thanks for your comments, it's a pleasure to read you. But I think you got this Fevre album and another album mixed up :) Elton John, Bowie and Meek covers are on Spatial Disco 2005 ( a compilation with various artists, so I'm not sure if Fevre is involved in these covers.