vendredi 7 novembre 2008


Générique de l'émission présentée par les frères Bogdanoff dans les années 80 sur la première chaine. Didier Marouani est l'homme à l'origine du groupe Space.

01 - Temps X
02 - Song for You

Lien : Didier Marouani - Temps X (1979)

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  1. Along with JP Massiera & Bernard Fevre, Didier Marouani is one of the most innovative and cosmic of artists in the last forty years....I wonder what other side projects he did when he was not getting all cosmic with Space...anyone know?

    PS> The cover is one of the most weird and bizarre I have seen in a while..the kitsch pseudo-christian tones are frankly, astounding..I want that painting on my bedroom wall!

  2. Didier Marouani also did a solo carrier as a singer. I only know one of his solo albums ("Seul dans la ville") and even if I'm open minded, I really can't listen to it... it's hard to believe that the genius from Space made this awful cheesy songs.
    Marouani and Space still have a big success in Russia and Ukrainia. You can find a lot of infos on their website (in english) :